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UNDERDOG (Prison Killers, #4) - Glenn Langohr,  R.J. Parker Let me first say that this was a huge departure from my normal genres. However, at my house we have some strange fascination with prison...shows, movies, books etc. So, when Glenn asked if I was interested in reviewing one of his tales, I agreed. Now, the writing style will not take you on some fantastical journey to another world. Keep in mind he didn't get an English degree at some huge fancy university. He spent his time studying how to survive, in prison. He writes like an 'average Joe', like a street kid, like most of us think and talk. The first chapter was a bit rough, a bit contrived, but work past it and the real story begins.Underdog takes you through the drug cartel world of prison and it is an absolutely fascinating world. I wasn't surprised that drugs are so readily available in prison (see strange fascination comment). I was surprised at how detailed the tracking of it is and at how much it really affects everything. So much of Glenn's story surprised me.It's a raw and gritty portrayal of how our prison system actually works and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in this sort of thing. It was a nice venture outside of my norm.