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My Life As a White Trash Zombie (White Trash Zombie, #1) - Diana Rowland,  Allison McLemore Audio:The narrator, Allison McLemore, is a narrating genius. She perfected the lazy Southern trashy drawl and masterfully created a multitude of characters. I've noticed that I say fuck a lot slower since listening to it. It's more like fuuuuck, now. Love the lazy Southern trashy drawl.Story:Angel Crawford wakes up in the hospital after an apparent overdose. She remembers popping some pills but also vaguely remembers being in a car accident. Though she doesn't have a scratch on her. Upon discharge she is given a note and gift left by a mysterious stranger. The gift is some odd looking bottled drinks and the note states she has a job waiting for her at the Coroner's office. Don't accept the job and the mysterious stranger will fill Angel's parole officer in on her recent drug mishap.What the fuuuuck?Left with no other options, she reluctantly takes the job as "body snatcher", picking up dead bodies and bringing them into the morgue. She is surprised by her sudden iron stomach and her sudden craving of brains. Yes, brains. She smells them, and they smell like chocolate.What the fuuuuck? ““The smell was like chocolate and cookies and biscuits and gravy and everything else that was delicious. It damn near drove me crazy every time I had to touch one. I’d been fighting the cravings the way I’d never fought the urge to take drugs or get drunk.” As if her life has taking a huge turn to the strange and macabre is not enough, it seems she is now a zombie and someone around town is hunting her kind. While learning to survive without her body literally rotting (she starts to smell like a decomposing corpse after just a few days of no brains...yuck), dealing with her drunkard dad, trying to piece together how she turned, now she has to try and keep hidden from a serial killer. Could life (or death) get any worse?Angel is hilarious. She's not stupid though she's taken for a dummy, a lot. She's spunky and a fighter. I don't think I could love this character more. She's had a rough life and it's not an easier now, but she's been given a second chance at life and she's determined to figure it out. Her fumbling through it is equally endearing and entertaining. She's so far from your typical protagonist and I love her more for it.This a 'zombies are humans too' type story. If you are looking for a shambling mindless gorey zombie tale, you won't find it here. This is a story of second chances, survival and life...even for the dead.