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Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy, #1) - Mira Grant,  Paula Christensen,  Jesse Bernstein Listening to the audiobook of Feed by Mira Grant left me with a most unexpected experience. I've read my fair share of zombie books from horror to humor, but none have left me feeling the way Feed did. I'm not even sure how to review it but I'll give it a shot.Feed is told from the point of view(s) of a team of bloggers after the world has fallen prey to a zombie infestation. The news gets to folks more quickly and effectively through various blogger types, Georgia and her brother Shaun being a fairly successful team have signed on to caravan with a presidential hopeful during his campaign. Along the trail this team of bloggers will fall into the middle of what could be the largest most dangerous political conspiracy ever and it will put all their lives at risk.Quite a large chunk of the beginning of the book is focused on world building told by both Gerogia's narrative and also by the occasional blog post. It was an interesting approach to writing. The world Grant creates is both fascinating and terrifying. She has put a ton of detail into this futuristic danger zone filled with brain eaters and I love what she has come up with.Another aspect I enjoyed was the character development. There is a large cast here but it was easy to get a clear grasp of who everyone was. I had heard rumblings about the relationship between Georgia and Shaun being odd and turning some people off, but I didn't feel that. It is a very dependent relationship, they rely on each other for everything (literally) but it never felt anything other than a very close sibling bonding to me. Taken into context of what this world is like, I think it may be natural. I actually enjoyed the relationships all the bloggers had with each other.Without giving any direct spoilers, I have to say that the bravery Grant showed at the end of Feed was amazing. Not many writers would take the leap she did, straight into the deep end of the pool, it was utterly unexpected and pure genius.What I did not enjoy was the pacing and the lack of action. This zombie ride is a slow moving vehicle with little flesh eating outbreaks and honestly, that just isn't what I typically look for in Z books. I like the gore and blasting of brains. It's not to say that Feed wasn't a well written and enjoyable read. It is, but it isn't what I thought I was going to get. I think I will still continue with the series, I will just be hoping Shaun will be doing a lot more poking of zombies with sticks, because that would rock!