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Class Vamp - Silence O'Shea Here is the thing about Silence O'Shea...She goes there. She doesn't shy away from, well anything that I can tell. After reading U.K. Kink, which I was excited for, I was practically salivating with the eagerness to read Class Vamp. Vamp smut? Um, yeah I am so in.Imagine being turned by some random fanger in the back alley of a bar while wearing a comfortable size sixteen. Knowing your dreams of being a skinny bitch will never come to fruition. Ever. For all eternity you will be a girl with a little more cushion for the pushin'. That's pretty much the only thought going through Josie's mind when she wakes to a vampire saving her from certain death. Not so much, 'Holy crap, I just died and became undead while some stranger just gave me the biggest O ever.'...no, instead it is 'I will always be chubby.' Poor messed up girl.Then, to make matters worse her highschool crush finds his hot ass back into her life just in time for their upcoming class reunion. Josie can't wrap her head around Tanner's reasons for wanting to be in her life. Dying doesn't do anything to kill the insecurity she's known her entire life. But damn it if Tanner isn't determined and hot and his blood is addictive. Josie is such an easy chick to like, even when she's a blubbering mess and Tanner is just too sweet to not fall in love with. And Bob...more Bob please. Class Vamp is dirtier and grittier than U.K. Kink but with equally comical characters and situations. O'Shea writes like the love child between Alice Clayton and Olivia Cunning. A winning combination if I've ever read one. I kind of have a girl crush on O'Shea and am very excited to see what she has stored up in her gutter mind for us next.*copy provided by author for honest review*