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One - Mari Arden One is a book I neither loved nor hated. Though, there were aspects that I both loved and hated. Normally, the existence of both extreme emotions would have me rating a book rather high. However, there was just something that kept me from raving about One.One starts off as a light, fun story of a college student. Jules hails from a small town existence and you learn early on that she has some skeletons, so she's fairly lost in the hustle and bustle of a large university atmosphere. Jules starts to find a place in this world when she finds a job, meets some friends and starts a sweet romance with the school football star, Pax.The relationship that forms between Pax and Jules was one of the things I loved. Pax is relentless in his yearning to get to know, learn to love and want to protect Jules. Jules really tries to overcome her past to find happiness and hope in a relationship with Pax. It's not an easy road for either, but the struggle and the want is what made it work for me.Those skeletons I mentioned were also one of the things I loved. Jules past is unconventional and I really enjoyed the slow reveal of it. It gave the story a dark edge, something sad yet exciting.Those skeletons, that past...when it comes back to haunt Jules - that is where the story began to fall apart. It brought an element of terror, which I would have raved about, if done differently. However, how it all shook out was entirely too dramatic and unbelievable for me. Not all of it, mind you. Just a couple of elements. But it was those couple of elements that stuck in jaw and I couldn't shake them.I don't believe every reader will have my same problems and I can see many people loving this story and it's dark turn of events. So, please don't only take my view on it when deciding weather or not to read One. You'll get some great characters, some good drama and some sweet romance - if you chance it, that I can promise.*Copy provided for honest review*