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Enchantment - Nikki Jefford I was recently at an author event where Margaret Stohl stated someone once told her, your third book is always the best. Now, I won't go as far as saying that this rings true in every series I have ever read. I will say it is the truth with the Nikki Jefford's Spellbound series. Enchantment absolutely is the best of the three and ends the series in a content and tidy manner.What made Enchantment so much better than Entanglement or Duplicity? In a word, Adrian. Adrian Montez is mysterious, magnetic, unpredictable and has the touch of a damaged soul that I am such a sucker for. Pair him off with hot-headed, lonely and maybe a little depressed Graylee Perez and watch the fireworks start. "I don't want to hurt you, Gray." He leaned down to her ear and whispered, "I want to make you scream."Gray has run off to Barcelona, trying to escape the feeling that she's lost the only family and boyfriend she's ever known. She's lost, alone and heart broken. And, feeling a little guilty that her psuedo-sister gave up all her magical powers to save Gray's life. What should be a restful summer of self reflection turns into a battle of wills; with herself, with Adrian and with a few warlocks from back home determined to take Adrian down.Getting knocked in the head with a spell causing her to love the one person she's determined to hate is just (to borrow some words form the great Karina Halle) "piss icing on a cake made of crap".Here is where the story gets really good! Gray and Adrian both know she's under a spell but knowing doesn't dispose of it. The struggle between what is real and what isn't was as endearing as it was maddening. Adrian shows an entire new side of himself, he goes from vengeful warlock to one amazing guy who just wants to show a girl he likes a great time in Paris before the spell is broken and he loses her forever. Umm...toothache, right here ~ so sweet! "Maybe it was all a spell, but then again, what was love if not an enchantment that eventually turned to truth." Obviously, it isn't all cupcake farting unicorns...there is plenty of magical intrigue, action, betrayal, heartbreak and the like. But, at the end it wraps up so nicely. No loose ends, no hardcore feels to throw my Kindle at a wall, just a peaceful happy smile spread across my face. And for that, we thank you Nikki.