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Tall, Dark, and Divine - Jenna Bennett Tall, Dark and Divine was a little like reading two books in one. The first half was pretty good, funny, interesting and unique. The second half, unfortunately, just didn't quite hold up.Annie leads a bit of a ho-hum life. She's slightly insecure about her weight but is determined not to let it interfere in her plan to pick up a guy at the local bar. She is over looking for the perfect guy, she just needs someone to help fill her needs. When she learns a divorcee is at the bar and possibly needs the same thing she does, she sets her eyes on Eros.I never really felt like I had a great grasp on who Annie is but Eros was another matter. I really enjoyed his voice, his quick and short snipes and his own insecurities. He's the God of Love but his own marriage failed miserably and centuries later he still doesn't know how to move on.Annie stirs something in Eros that he hasn't felt in a long time. He wants her but she's mortal, therefore he is determined to make her a match that will make her happy. That's what Eros does, he's matchmaker, a creator of love...or so he has always believed. His feelings for Annie make him question that though. Maybe it isn't love he's been orchestrating all this time, maybe it only infatuation. If that's the case, everything he has believed for years is wrong. Even his only feelings.I loved the concept of Greek Gods running a match-making business and I really enjoyed all of the Gods as characters. And, as I said the first half of the book was fun and entertaining. But the end was rushed and I lost the sense of the some of the characters. Annie especially. I felt like she just went along with things, as if she had no mind of her own. It was a departure from my original thoughts on her, and not a good one. Tall, Dark and Divine is the first in a series that promises to be fun, I'm only hoping for a slightly better execution in the next go around as I think Bennett has a winning idea with the concept.