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Bad Mouth - Angela McCallister I am such a huge fan of anything vampire. But, if I am being honest, it's been done. A lot. So, when I enter in to a new vampire book I look for something, anything, new and fresh. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with Bad Mouth.First off, McCallister has created a nice twist on vampire politics. Their class system and hierarchy was interesting, exciting and not something I recognize from any other fangy lore I've read.Second, Kade...whoa man. Often, old (think centuries here) vampires are portrayed as stuffy, stiff, old fashioned...you get my drift. Kade is none of those things. Not even remotely. The things that come out of his mouth are crude, rash and scorching hot. Kade is an all out alpha male with a panty dropping dirty mouth. And for that, McCallister, I thank you.The story is a romantic murder mystery and had me guessing, I had a couple of ideas as to where it might be going but was 100% right on. Which I found so refreshing for a quickie romantic read. Bad Mouth does not fall into the trap of cookie cutter plots that so many other romances do.There are quite a few characters introduced but McCallister does a good job and giving the reader a feel for who everyone is and so many are deserving of more attention and I really hope there are future plans for that. Val is a wonderful heroine with a strong sense of right and wrong but is open minded enough to see where she is flawed. Loved her!The romance moves pretty quickly, all in all the book only spans about a weeks time and Kade and Val go from zero to sixty in a matter of days. A little fast for my normal taste but who am I to question the feelings of a very very old vampire who's never known love?To sum it up, Bad Mouth is a fun, fast paced, sizzling read and I whole-heartedly look forward to reading more from Angela McCallister in the future.