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The Power of Six  - Pittacus Lore The Power of Six is written not only from Four's point of view, but also from Seven's. Seven, who has been hiding in a Catholic orphanage with her Cepan for many years, is eager to join the battle brewing, but is held back by her guardian.Four is on the run with Six and his friend Sam Goode. As John struggles with the loss of his guardian, the distance between him and his love Sarah and the constant need to look over his shoulder, Seven is struggling with new threats...the Mogadorians may have found her.Where as I am Number Four was a slower story of love and the struggle to live a 'normal' life, The Power of Six is nothing but action and adventure. I loved the seamless flow of the writing bouncing between Four and Seven. I couldn't put the book down and dreaded it ending. Can't wait for the next installment.