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Tempest's Legacy (Jane True) - Nicole Peeler Jane True is barely back from her last adventure of fighting evil magic wielders when she is delivered shattering news. News that shatters her to the core and prompts her to leave Rockabill, yet again, on another evil fighting adventure. Of course she is not alone. She traveling with her favorite ex(ish)-boyfriend vampire Ryu and man's best friend/man Anyan. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Nicole Peeler has, essentially, created two characters in one ~ Ms. True and her libido ~ who she has regular conversations with. So much fun! I love the wit and snark of Jane and find her clumsiness endearing. BUT....and there is a but.... or maybe two....Anyan... (who I had to visualize as Alcide from True Blood, because well...YUM!!)...is just not quite my bottle of beer. He feels too old and big and if not for the constant visualization of my favorite wolf-man, I don't think I would have ever been able to invest in this new relationship. Also, I started to get a bit annoyed with how the romances progress. Or, don't as the case may be. I grew to expect every time Jane and Ryu or Jane and Anyan where alone a big bad would show up. HATE THAT! Either let it happen or don't but don't be tease me!!!