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Strange Angels - St. Crow,  Lili What do you do when you find a zombie knocking on your back door? For sixteen year old Dru Anderson, the answer is clear. You shoot. Since her mother's death Dru has spent her life hunting in the "Real World" with her Dad, but when he doesn't come home one night all the rules change. She's alone, she's scared and she's being hunted. It will take all her courage, strength and trust in some new found friends (or are they), to get her through this alive.Throw out what you think you know of vampires, werewolves and all things supernatural. Lili St. Crow changes the game with the action packed Strange Angels. Dru is a great heroine with the strength of a supernatural bad guy hunter and the emotional breakdowns of a teenage girl being chewed up and spit out be Hell. Graves her unlikely sidekick is fun but fragile. Cristophe her unlikely hero is mysterious and dangerous. Together they make an odd threesome who were exciting to read. I look forward to many more reads of Lili St. Crow books.