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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake Cas is not your average teenage boy. Unless, in your world, the average teenage boy is a mystical knife wielding ghost hunter. I don't mean the kind of ghost hunter that tools around the big old empty mental hospital with fancy equipment and cameras. Cas is the kind that searches out the most malevolent spookies and cuts them down, sending them to where ever it is they should be. Until Anna. Anna is like nothing he has ever encountered before and she turns his world upside down, shakes it around and throws it against the wall. It will take everything he knows and much more to survive the likes of Anna and those who want her blood.Kendare Blake...I heart you!! This book is was the most original and entertaining I have read in quite awhile. Your characters are endearing and witty. There is just enough horror counteracted with snark ~ I loved it!!I was surprised at how graphically horrific this book was. I went into it as just another YA read but it isn't for every young reader, surely not the faint at heart. It is at times terrifying and at times equally heart wrenching and loving. The mixture is wonderfully fun and keeps you turning the pages. Can't wait for the next installment!