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Pretty When She Dies - Rhiannon Frater First off...FYI...ebook at Amazon.com is only $0.99!I DEVOURED this book, I could not put it down! Which, is why it got the fourth star. Technically it is probably only a 3 star book but I so easily sunk my teeth (hee hee) into it that I had to up the rating a little. It's got it's editing issues, but I was able to look past that...mostly.Amaliya, for me, is a young-modern-inked up-sexed up-slightly trashy-female Vampire Lestat. She doesn't really know who she is, where she belongs, who loves her or why anyone really would. She's a sad creature who falls under dire circumstances and has to fight her way in an unknown world. She's no simpering weakling though, she's a fighter and I loved that about her though she isn't the most endearing character I've ever read, she's a screw up - but hey aren't we all at times.At one point, I thought wow - this author really is not going to give this kid a break! It was cruelty after horror after bad luck after dumb ass mistake.The characters where all fairly interesting, some (Sam) with a nice side helping of annoyance. Some with humor. Some with pure sex appeal. And this book has its fair share of sex. Not a recommendation for the youngins - this is NOT your Sparkly Happy Vampire Love Story!!Overall this was a fun read and I will happily follow the series!