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The First Days: As the World Dies - Rhiannon Frater The First Days sucked me in with the very first chapter ~ because 'Lloyd always did have a big appetite.'. OMG! I won't spoil for you what that means, I will just tell you that it is some sick-nasty-brutal-zombieness. Rhiannon Frater does an excellent job of creating a world gone to hell via the reanimated dead. It's scary good with a couple of chicks to guide your way through the torrent of horror. Katie is smart but a bit reluctant to accept what the world has become and where she fits into in it. She forms a couple instant bonds with other characters. Usually, I have a problem with relationships that go from stranger to life-line in a matter of pages. It never feels genuine to me. Katie and Jenni's relationship totally worked for me though. Jenni is your typical housewife gone zombie-killer. It takes her no time to figure out her role in the world and embrace it. I loved Jenni! She's who I would hope to be, you know, if ever attacked by ghouls. Hand that girl a gun and she's ready to mow down anything in her way. A little crazy? Yes. Effective? Most definitely. My favorite character of all? Well, besides the hordes of zombies.... Juan. He is capable and a smart ass. Which I like in my fictitious men, thank you very much!! He was pure fun and I giggled to myself several times while reading, because of him. The characters are all pretty well developed which says a lot, considering there are numerous in this book. Think Walking Dead. Plenty of people for her to kill off in later books??? Eeep! I hope not, because I really enjoyed them.