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Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, #12) - Charlaine Harris 3.5 starsWow, this one is going to be tricky for me. I am a long time Sookie Stackhouse fan and have never not loved a Sookie book. Until now (insert sad face here). Like always, Sookie finds herself, unwittingly, wrapped up in some vampy and wolfie drama. All the vampires and werewolves seem to make an appearance in Deadlocked. So, let's start with the human.Sookie:Sookie was lost through most of this installment. She has much on her mind. She has enemies in places she would have never expected. Her friends and family are moving along in life in all too human ways, which of course she is not ~ dating a vampire and all. Her relationship with Eric (*swoon*) is rocky at best. As is her relationship with Alcide. She's still got Fae living in her house which causes all sorts of strange. The Vampire King still suspects her of things that, of course, she is very guilty of. The poor girl just can't seem to catch a break. Eric:Eric was entire too absent in this book. I want him present and fighting for the woman he loves. On the other hand, I want Sookie fighting for him. It doesn't always have to be a damsel, maybe it can be a dude in distress that needs rescuing. Maybe that is exactly what he has always lacked. Sure, he has loyalty and respect and love even from some of his children and minions. But has anyone actually fought for his love? Is that what will turn this bad boy good? Or, is he just to self serving to chose Sookie over the Queen? Say it aint so Charlaine!!! Bill:I don't have much to say about Bill. Bill is Bill and will always Bill. Bill will always love Sookie. Yada, yada, yada, yada. Can you tell who's team I would vote for?Sam:OMG Sam!! Sam makes the dumbest girlfriend decisions but every book he scores a few more points as just an all around great guy and friend. That doesn't change in Deadlocked. At all. He's pretty amazing. I am a fan.Nearly every (still living) character makes an appearance in Deadlocked. Is that because we are nearing an end to the Stackhouse series? I kind of hope so. Deadlocked didn't have the same punch as so many of it's series predecessors. Though it wrapped up a few open ended items from the previous stories, it really didn't progress the meat of the story much for me. I am left with the same feeling as I had at the end of Dead Reckoning. I'm tired of the love triangle. I'm tired of Sookie not being happy. I'm tired of Sookie almost getting killed. Etc, etc, etc... I'm ready for all loose ends to be tied up. It makes me really sad to say (er, type) that. Just trying to be honest here. I'm not giving up on the series and if Charlaine wants to write another five books I will do my best to continue as the same loyal fan I have always been. But, maybe it's time. Right? Or do you think I am way off base here?