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Pyxis: The Discovery (Pyxis, #1) - K.C. Neal I've been wavering between 2.5 and 3 stars for Pyxis, and I think this is going to be a hard review for me.I liked the synopsis for this book and was excited when I downloaded it to my Kindle. For an awesome price I might add, it's only $2.99. It has a unique and fun premise.Corrine was a mostly likeable protagonist and definitely a believable teenager. She was at times ditzy and immature. I did admire her conviction though. Mason was mildly intriguing but so needed to develop a backbone. All the other characters felt more like filler than substance. The character I found most interesting was the obligatory mean girl.My problem is that nothing really happens in this book. There is a ton of working up to something but something never really surfaces. The story starts to really take shape just as the book is ending. I've seen a ton of great reviews for this by people I respect. Therefore, I will keep an open mind and perhaps try the next book in the series which is due out next month.