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Storm - Brigid Kemmerer Becca was a reserved girl trying hard to avoid attention after a horrible incident lead to the rumor mill at school turning. But now she's getting all kinds of attention from five boys with the mysterious ability to control the elements.Storm throws you right in to the action when in the first pages Becca becomes a savior to Chris Merrick. Chris is a boy with dark family secrets and when Becca becomes somewhat of a fixture in his life she learns too many of those secrets. Landing her in the middle of a life or death battle for her and the boys she is coming to care for.Hunter is the new kid at school who seems to always be around when Becca is in need of help. Hunter is sweet, smart and stable but may have other intentions for Becca then what she expects.Then there are the rest of the Merrick boys. Three more alpha-male hotties all interesting in their own way and all with unique personalities.This was a fun read and I am so glad I picked it up. It's a nice take on the supernatural. There is a love triangle...groan. But it was written well and not overly done. I hate it when a girl is "in love" with two guys and half the book is her tormenting over it. That's not the case here. Thank you Brigid! The characters all develop well. Your able to get a nice grasp on who each one is, which isn't easily done when there are so many characters. The Merrick brothers are exactly what I would imagine a household of boys to be like. They will do anything for one another but are also each others worst critics.The only flaw I really found with Storm was the reaction Becca has to her 'situation'. I don't want to give anything away but I feel she was too far removed from said situation. I would expect more feeling, more emotion, more anger. She seemed too stable.I am really excited to see where the next book takes us and getting to see more of the other Merrick boys!FYI...I am so Team Chris!! ;)