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Paranormalcy - Kiersten White Okay, let me start off by saying... I loved Evie! LOVED!! She was the most fun main character I've read for awhile. She's a teenager who, for a living, hunts paranormal beings with a sparkly pink tazer. Think Buffy, but with less staking and much more style. Evie is the kind of girl who dresses up in a zebra print dress with pink boots so she can roll herself in an office chair down the hallway to interrogate a prisoner. Awesome!I went into this book thinking it would be a somewhat typical YA paranormal romance, but it surprised me at every level. Though there is a bit o' romance, it is perhaps more urban fantasy than PNR. And it is anything but the moody, broody and dark tale I thought I would be reading. Evie learns much about what her role really is with the IPCA and it isn't what she thought. She meets a strange (and hot) new creature, Lend. She is stalked by a possessive (and hot) fairy ex-boyfriend, Reth. To top it off, someone or something is killing off all the paranormal beings and it may have more to do with Evie then she realizes. It's light-hearted at times, tragic at others. It's romantic at times, mysterious at others. At all times it was a fun and entertaining read. Is it a literary masterpiece that has you at the edge of your seat? Not so much. So, if that is what you are looking for ~ don't pick this one up. If you want a quirky, quick and fun read ~ try this one out. I am excited to see where the rest of the series will take me!