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Swipe - Evan Angler The world that Evan Angler builds in Swipe is, well...creepy. As stated in the synopsis, at the age of thirteen all citizens are required to get "marked" by the government. The mark is essentially Big Brother's human bar code. Without a mark, you are not eligible to earn money, spend money or have any societal benefits. Those who choose to remain markless end up squating in the slums, scrounging or committing crimes just to eat. I loved the premise of this world, though admittedly the idea freaks me right the hell out. I can imagine a world where the government has a complete 'nanny state' control on it's citizens and I can see them spinning it as a good idea. Perhaps the fact that I can imagine it, is what freaks me out about it. Angler does a great job at taking the imagination to the next level.Logan is a great character. He is so paranoid and scared and written with such care that you really can't help but feel for him. I practically tiptoed around in the dark with him. The other main character, Erin, left me wanting. I couldn't really connect with her. She's a tough girl, brave, confident but not empathetic. That was hard for me to like. She just wasn't very endearing most of the time. But a few of the other characters made up for what I was lacking in her. All in all the story is a good one. My only real fault with this story is that, for a middle grade book, it lacked in action and humor. There is a bit of both, mind you. I'm just not sure there is enough of either to really hold most younger audiences attention. Swipe ends on quite a cliff hanger and I am anxious to read book #2, Sneak which is due out in September. I think it promises much more action, to which I am looking forward to.My Rating 3.5/5 Stars