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Biting Cold - Chloe Neill *Spoiler Alert: If you have not read Drink Deep yet ~ you may not want to read this review ~ you've been warned*A couple of years back, I took a chance on a book called Some Girls Bite. I hated the title and hated the cover but am a big fan of all things fangy and the premise sounded marginally okay. Needless to say, I fell in love with Merit. I devoured the first few books, and could not wait for more! Chloe Neill brings a deliciously diverse group of characters together in this series. You have your tough guy vamps, geeky sihfters, bitchy fiaries, snarky sorcerers and Merit the fumbling reluctant vampire turned total bad ass. Biting Cold brings another type of supe to the table. Angels.Okay, I will admit that angels and I don't have the best relationship. I, for whatever reason, tend to shy away from all books angel related. I've read a few but have yet to really be sucked into a good one. (Suggestions are welcome!!) So, when the angel popped up in one of my favorite book series I sighed, audibly. This new fallen angel threat is bearing down on Chicago and it is left up to the supernatural community to solve it and save the day and hopefully Merit's best friend Mallory and her love, Ethan.Angels aside. Merit and Ethan have lost a bit of the magic, for me. They had this wonderful love/ hate relationship for so long and it, quite literally, took my breath away at times. Biting Cold was missing that. I actually lost a bit of love for Ethan in this one (insert huge sad face here). I am still a big, big Merit fan but she too seemed to lose a bit of edge. As well as Catcher and Mallory, though somewhat understandable it is still frustrating. I missed the fun of the first five books. I understand that the story and characters need to grow and develop and Neill has done that with this installment. I simply just did not enjoy it as much as the others of the series. I won't be giving up on Chicagoland Vampires, I will just keep my fingers tightly crossed that House Rules brings back a little of the excitement, snark and Mallocakes!I realize this is more of a rant than a review and after the dust settles, I may need to revise...My Rating: 3/5 Stars