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Blackbrooke - Emma Silver The Blackbrooke synopsis alone was enough to pique my interest, so I graciously accepted the review request when it came through. Good decision on my part. I am a fan and believe Emma Silver will have a long and successful career in the writing world if this, her first endeavor, is any indication.Blackbrooke is anything but a normal small town. It is a quarantined hamlet that the government controls, for the safety of the outside world and for those living within it's gated walls. Necessary precautions are taken by all the Blackbrooke citizens, for if they are not, you may find yourself face to face with a Crit. Creatures that stalk the town at night waiting for someone to kill. Liberty has always followed the rules set forth in Blackbrooke. Stay indoors after dark, keep your hair a natural color and up in a bun, stay out of the woodlands and practice strict abstinence until marriage. She is smart and stubborn and has no plans of screwing up, anxiously awaiting her upcoming eighteenth birthday when she can finally leave Blackbrooke behind her and travel the world with her boyfriend, Gabriel.Things don't turn out as planned when Liberty finds that Gabriel has suddenly 'walked out'. Walking out is suicide and Gabriel gave no indications of doing such. Gabriel was sweet, stable, understanding and seemed to be willing to do anything for the girl he loves.Liberty becomes increasingly suspicious of not only Gabriel's walk out but of Blackbrooke in general. She teams up with a few very entertaining characters in a race to unearth the creepy towns history and hopefully save the lives of it's dwindling teen population.I am really thankful that there seem to be a handful of writers that are willing to take a big step into grotesque, creepy horror while still keeping it in the YA genre. I loved horror as a teenager and with the bombardment of paranormal romance in the genre as of late, these bits of creep-tastic wonderfulness are refreshing! Emma Silver delivers whole-heartedly in this arena and I look forward to more from her and more on Blackbrooke. Yes my lovelies, this is just the first trip to this mysterious destination and I hope you will all come along for the ride!*A copy of this title was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*