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The Infects - Sean Beaudoin It's no big secret that I love all things Zombie. What is not as widely known, is that my family has a sick sense of humor. The more gore, disgust and creepiness you throw at us, the more we like it. The Infects has all these factors in spades.Baudoin's writing style is a masterful blend of humor, snark, whit, intelligence, horror and at times, just enough tenderness and caring to pull at your heart-strings.Nick is a slightly less than average guy who goes to school, crushes on a girl from work at the local chicken factory and earns money to provide a constant supply of Asperger's medication to his younger sister. Mom is absent, Dad is worthless and Amanda relies on Nick for her care. After he has a costly accident at work and is sent off on a three month juvenile delinquent boot camp turned zombie apocalypse, all Nick can think of is surviving long enough. Long enough to find Petal, the girl of his dreams, who also happened to be sent on the trek due to her involvement in the accident, and getting back to Amanda. Nero has taken Nick's place. Nero is focused. Nero is not going to let the infected stop him. Nero is not going to let the infected eat him.This Infects is a fast paced, bloody-mess, intestine-nibbling, smart-ass filled good time. The group of teenagers Nero wades through zombies with are not your typical boy scout type, nor do they curl up and cry for their mommies. They are the kids who go balls-out, who walk through a mountain of death armed with nothing but their sense of humor and pure willingness to survive. Is it how I would expect a group of teenagers to handle waking up at a secluded camp site with the counselors eating a few of their mates? Um...hell to the no. But, the banter between these ridiculously over the top characters makes for one hell of a good time.Towards the end of the story it takes an unexpected and profound turn. Nero, Petal and Amanda take the steps that will change the world forever. I loved where The Infects started, how it traveled and where it ended up. It's the perfect combination of crazy humor and profound thought.I don't think this is the book for everyone. It has such a unique writing style and not everyone will find it's appeal, as I did. It's unbelievable story and reactions also won't be followed by all. As well as it's crude and moderately mature sense of humor. But if you want a fun, gory, quick read ~ give this one a shot.