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Mystic City - Theo Lawrence This is a tricky book for me to review. First off, let me say that the cover is fantastic, I had a bout of insta-love with it! I wish that I had the same feelings for the content of the book.The first part of the book takes you through Aria's engagement party. An engagement that has the entire city watching. An engagement that Aria can not recall, to a boy she can not recall. A boy who should be her enemy. Though I loved the idea of this, the story itself fell flat here. The fist part (for which there are three) of Mystic City moves at a slow pace. The characters are all, including Aria, fairly intolerable people. They are rich and entitled and I disliked them all. Strongly.Enter Hunter. Hunter, the saving grace of this story. Well, somewhat. Mystic City's pace picks up in part two. Aria, unknowingly, makes some connections with people from her past. Pieces begin to fall into place for the reader. Aria herself does not catch on so quickly. She becomes more caring and all around stronger character. The true personalities of the people in Aria's life show themselves and they are far, far from good. Seriously, this girl has some horrid family members! Hunter is pretty wonderful though, but perhaps a bit soft at times. The story of Aria and Hunter finding each other is a sweet one and the world that Lawrence builds is very interesting. It is post global warming Manhattan, where people have been forced to build up and live high above the flooded streets of the past. Only those with "mystic" powers still live below, those who will be drained to power the city in the sky. I don't understand where these mystical powers came from, there is nothing that really explains it. I found that somewhat odd, since the rest of the world is fairly realistic. But it is an interesting twist and I liked the range of the different powers. Part three was even more exciting. Things really hit the fan and Aria is fighting not only for her life but for the lives of those she's come to care about and love. The ending really leaves a lot of room for future installments, I'm not quite sure if I am sold though. It's an all right read and I think there will be many who will enjoy it. I just needed a bit more action.2.5 Stars