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The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1) - Abbi Glines What is it about a bad boy that makes all the girls turn to mush? Ashton is no different. She serves a good front of false wholesomeness. She tries very hard to live up to her preacher father and her goody two-shoes boyfriend's expectations. But when left without her boyfriend over the summer, some feelings for his cousin and her former best friend, Beau, come creeping back. Hoping to re-connect with her childhood friend, her and Beau make plans to hang out and things become dangerously familiar.Sawyer has always been there for Beau, certainly more than anyone else in his life, but when it comes to Ashton, Beau can't think clearly. He knows that making a play for his cousin's girl or even encouraging her to make a play for him is wrong. But in his heart, Ashton has always been his.The thing that drove me nuts about this book is this: at no point do either Ashton or Beau think to confront the situation before rushing head fist into a romantic relationship. Ashton thinks she simply can't publicly be with Beau. He's the town's black sheep and bad boy, how would it look if the preacher's daughter ditched her boyfriend to be with him. Beau thinks he can win Ashton over and hopes to make Sawyer understand but only after things go too far with Ashton. I'm all for following your heart and mine said Beau all the way, I just wished they would have showed a little more grownupedness. Yes, that is a word in my world.I liked Ashton, I could feel for her situation and as a character she was developed enough for me to understand her, mostly. She has some fairly large identity issues to figure out and I suppose her situation would be a natural one in a small Bible-belt town.Beau is one of the beautifully broken people who act out with sex and alcohol to cope with an unhappy existence. But underneath the tough exterior there is a caring and vulnerable guy just trying to figure out how to exist.Sawyer was not a favorite of mine, there was some small redemption at the end of the book but not enough for me to really want to read his story in The Vincent Brothers. I just found him to be a self indulgent ass-hat.The story moves without too many twists, it is fairly predictable with the exception of one bit of news that pops up and threatens to tear the Vincent Boys apart, even without Ashton's help. The ending is tidy, maybe a bit too tidy for all the drama that leads up to it. Overall, The Vincent Boys is a quick, fun read with some sweetness mixed with just the right amount of sexy.