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Eternal Hope (Hope, #2) - Frankie Rose Sovereign Hope, the first book in The Hope Series, quickly became one of my favorite reads of the year. Needless to say, I was anxious to get my hands on Eternal Hope. As with most series that you fall in love with you always hope that the author doesn't disappoint with next installment. Frankie Rose did not disappoint me. She thrilled me yet again.We pick back up in the lives of Farley, Daniel, Tess and Oliver as they search for information on their missing friends and allies, who were lost in the battle to save both Farley and Daniel's lives as they fought the Reavers. The journey takes them from Los Angeles to Montana and a few new Scooby gang members enter the story line. Along with one old one, Kayden. The Quorum, a group intrusted to keep balance in the world, is taking an extremely active role in the lives of this group; controlling and manipulating them with every trick they can come up with. They have taken on the roles of puppet masters and not all the puppets are completely aware.While Daniel and Farley must weed through the troubles with the Quorum and the Reavers, they must also figure out their own relationship. They are undeniably drawn to each other and very much in love but there are other factors to consider. The relationship between these two deepens and grows and we are able to get a taste of Daniel that was barely seen in Sovereign Hope. He's much less guarded with his feelings toward Farley and there was a sweetness to him that was quite captivating.We also get a much larger dose of Kayden and Tess. For that, Frankie, I thank you. I love them both and they rank pretty high up on my all time favorite book character list. Tess is a spunky little smart ass and a fierce friend. Everyone needs a Tess in their lives. Kayden is a big cup of snark with just a spoonful of melancholy swirled in. He too is a fierce friend and will risk everything for those he cares for.In my review of Sovereign Hope, I stated that Frankie writes like a movie playing in my head. I still hold to those words. I so easily picture an action packed thrill ride blockbuster when I read her words. I thoroughly enjoyed Eternal Hope and very much look forward to Lost Hope, as well as anything and everything else Frankie Rose writes in the future.4.5 Stars