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Clash - Nicole  Williams 3.5 StarsClash moves Lucy and Jude from the Highschool to the College scene. They are separated by a five hour drive and a canyon of relationship problems. All of the issues these two had in Crash, lack of trust, lots of temper, major jealousy...all still in effect and somewhat magnified in Clash.Jude is playing out his full ride football scholarship, hanging with fellow players and overly interested cheerleaders. While Lucy is balancing studies and dance and hoping to keep Jude's anger issues in check. When Jude is assigned a 'spirit sister' to make his campus life easier, it's Lucy who loses her cool and her trust in Jude.I've seen many comments from others about how unreasonably Lucy reacts to the things happening in Jude's life. She jumps to conclusions and does not put blind faith in Jude. I understand those points but Jude never really trusts Lucy either. If he did, he would have been more forthcoming and honest with her. I love Jude as a character, though he really needs to chill the hell out, but he's not without some pretty major faults in this edition of the Jude/ Lucy love saga. I love that he feels fiercely, be it love or anger. Lucy really is just a wreck. She has some fairly large life events happening and Jude complicates all of them for her. I thought many of her decisions were somewhat childish and based solely on fear. But other decisions she made were not without a healthy dose of thought. I can't fault her for those.Clash is another roller coaster ride, exactly what you would expect from these two love birds. You'll experience tears, anger, hate, love, sorrow...you name it. Clash is a heart-breaker of a novel. I enjoyed it and will continue with the series but am hoping for a big injection of maturity in the third installment.