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Barely Alive - Bonnie R. Paulson Barely Alive was not at all what I expected it to be. Based on the blurb, I anticipated a somewhat run-of-the-mill zombie tale with a splash of romance. What I didn't see coming was the humor in which it would be told. Paulson masterfully spins this web with voice of a teenage boy who can't decide what he wants more, food or sex. You so easily fall into his head and thought process. Or, lack there of, as the case so often is with Paul.Paul was having a rough time of life and during a downturn he fell into the glamorous cult life created by a man name Dominic. Glamorous in the way of being injected with a virus that will kill you in twelve weeks and while you wait for your inevitable end you will be ordered around and tortured in numerous ways. Your body begins to die but your brain and strength get a strong boost right after injection and with every time you eat fresh flesh. Paul is fighting through it when he is ordered to take a group of other infected out to kidnap girls for Dominic's needs.One of the girls they pick up is Heather and Paul just can't resist taking a little nibble. Finding her immune to the virus that was now beginning to take over Las Vegas, Dominic finds he needs Heather more than he needs Paul and he's willing to go to all lengths to get her. Including grabbing Paul's younger brother James as hostage.Paul is a smart guy but so easily looses track of his thoughts. His inner monologues were hilarious. He easily jumps between finding a cure for the virus, to lusting over Heather, to fresh meat (preferably cow), back to the virus then right back to meat, meat, meat. He struggles with that, doesn't want to be one of the mindless killing fiends but needs meat to keep his body from quick degeneration. I am a huge fan of Paul.Heather is a somewhat reserved girl but when she get riled up she's quite spunky. I think as she develops more in the series, I'm really going to enjoy her. The other sideline characters promise to be great, as well. They too are smart and funny and take the responsibility of, well basically saving the world, with a mix of calm collection and murderous importance.Really my only qualm with Barely Alive was the end. As in, there really wasn't one. It's very abrupt. I see where it's headed and understand that it's a series and you have to end it somewhere. I just wish there had been either a little closure and a cliff hanger.Regardless, I will be diving right into Falling Apart (book #2) and right back into the mind of a very funny seventeen year old sex addled, meat craving boy. Happily.