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The Wild Ones (The Wild Ones, #1) - M. Leighton This was, perhaps, the most predictable book I've read this year. That would be why the rating sits at three stars. Not that three stars is bad, it isn't, it means I liked it. The story, in itself, is fine. A bit of a star-crossed lovers tale set in southern, upper-crust, horse-breeding society. But it boasts more soft curves rather than twists in the plot. A fact I could overlook if other aspects of the book were spectacular.Here's the jist... Cami is home from college. Home is a fancy house on a fancy horse breeding ranch with a father who thinks she needs to be with a fancy guy, which she already has. A night out with her best bud Jenna leads to a chance meeting with Patrick "Trick" Henley. This meeting is one of those unforgettable moments that young woman obsess over for days on end. Cami is no different. When her father's new ranch hand turns out to be Trick, she begins to question what she really wants out of life. Turns out they don't align with what her father wants for her. Do you do what you need to do to please Daddy Dearest and ensure Trick keeps his much needed job or do you follow your heart, dump your boy-toy and rebel?There is some old drama that makes the situation for Cami and Trick worse but I won't go into those details for fear of spoiling anything. Again, once that part of the plot started it was fairly evident where it was going to end.I can overlook a lot of flaws in a book if I love the characters. In this case I loved Trick, his best friend and Cami's best friend. All three brought an aspect of fun and playfulness. I did not have quite the same feel for Cami, I liked her but she took time to grow on me. I think I needed her to be stronger from the start. As for her dad and Trick's mom...well, I didn't particularly like either. Though, I don't think I was really supposed to.Wow, this is sounding much more negative than I intended. It was not my plan, at all. I really did enjoy the story it just lacked a bit of intrigue and, honestly, steaminess. The cover and warning lead me to believe it would be more graphic. Still, all in all, a fun quick read with a few characters that are sure to please!