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The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski I am not a sap. Honestly, I'm not. I am not the girl that cries at movies or television shows (well, okay that scene on The Walking Dead with Rick...yeah, I teared up...I'm not dead) and I certainly do not cry at books. Until now.Camryn and Andrew take an emotionally charged journey after a chance meeting on a bus. Both have some fairly large internal issues and neither have really dealt with them. Andrew is determined to 'fix' Camryn and he does a wonderful job of it until his own secrets are splayed on the table and everything just falls apart.Camryn is a sweet and cautious character. She is a slow moving character, methodical mostly. When she does get the spontaneous bug, she goes all out and those were great moments, even if few and far between.Andrew is quite different. He's much more impulsive and fun loving. He's also got a wild, domineering streak that makes you just a tad bit weak in the knees at times.The combination of these two is extraordinarily endearing.There were a few moments of the book that could have moved at a quicker pace but I loved that the relationship between Camryn and Andrew took its time. I did not, however, like one scene in particular. Without giving anything away...there is a scene at a bus stop, it is a pivotal scene for the story but it did not work for me. At all. Though I can say it is the only time in the book that had me rolling my eyes.I truly enjoyed the 'finding yourself through each other' feel to The Edge of Never and found myself smiling, giggling and yes, crying throughout it. I look forward to reading other works by Redmerski.