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INFECTED (Click Your Poison, #1) - James Schannep When I was young, I loved the 'choose your own adventure' books. There was something so appealing about being able to submerse myself in the story and to have a direct effect on the outcome. When James Schannep approached us to review Infected, I got the same giddy excitement over the concept as I did as a girl. This is an extreme zombie adventure complete with death and gore and cursing. Needless to say, I loved it. I started reading it with my husband and daughter, we made an interactive family activity and had a blast disputing which option was the best choice. Me being the one more proficient in all things zombie, tended to plead my case well enough to (more often than not) get my way. Our adventure turned out to be quite lengthy. Though, several of my subsequent readings ended much quicker...I guess my choices weren't so great those times.Each time I ended up with a great story. I was a fighter, a skeptic, a survivor hell bent on seeing things through. Then I was a rich snob and ended up eating my assistant. Every time I was able to grasp the character and their thought process without feeling like it was attached in any way to the previous read through.As you can see, I refer to myself in the story. That's how much fun this was for me, it really was my story. There are still so many options that I have not explored. Because of that, this will be one of those books I will be picking up for months to come, just to grab a new quick zombie adventure!