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Qeya (Heaven's Edge #1) - Jennifer Silverwood I am going to state this right up front, so there is no confusion. I am not a large fan of short stories or novellas. Phew, got that one of my chest! I've said, many times, that I am a character driven reader. If I can't find something endearing or uniquely interesting with a character (good or bad) I have a horrible time getting into the book. Which is why shorts give me so much grief. They are rarely long enough for me to get a solid feel for the character.That being said, that was not the only issue I had with Qeya. Of course, I had a hard time with character development but that is totally my issue. I don't believe most readers are as quirky about this as me. Don't get me wrong, they were not horribly developed in Qeya ~ it just wasn't enough for me.Qeya is a strong girl. She's determined and has an admirable sense of responsibility. Ohre is an intriguing character but I never felt like I really knew who he was.Qeya, her family and all other survivors are on the run. They were forced to leave their home world and now travel through space hoping for a new safe planet. When the ship is attacked, Qeya and some fellow shipmates are saved by the mysteriously heroic Ohre. However, being "saved" did not last long as they ended up on a crazy, strange and dangerous planet and must fight to survive.The character issues are really incidental here though. My biggest problem was all the other detail. I was overwhelmed by some of the information and completely confused by the lack of detail in some other areas.The story itself is one that I think I would truly enjoy if it was full length. I loved the science fiction of it and the bits of world building that really played out well. I think Silverwood has tapped into something that could be much, much bigger than a novella and the writing style is really spot on.Though this one was not really a great fit for me, I do have another of this authors title sitting in wait on my ereader and I am anxious to read it. I think there is some solid talent here and ultimately I just needed this to be a full length story.