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Devoured (Devoured, #1) - Emily Snow I am just going to start this off by saying I had some issues with this book.The problems were not with the basic plot line and story. The story as a whole could have been a really great and fun one.Lucas, a hot guy from Sienna's past, pops back into her life in the worst possible way. Her grandmother, the only person who has really been there for Sienna her whole life, is in trouble. Lucas holds the power to fix it all but won't do it without Sienna submitting to him, in more ways than one.The problems were not so much with the characters. Both Sienna and Lucas are decently developed and somewhat complex. I didn't always love Lucas but grew to like him more and more. Sienna, I started out really liking and became slightly wary of her, but then liked her again. I don't always have to like a character for them to work for me. I like characters I can love and hate, hate to love and love to hate.The problem was in execution. Parts felt rushed. The relationship between Lucas and Sienna, mainly. It is my feeling that it needed a slower progression. Sienna should have fought longer and harder against her attraction and Lucas should have fought longer and harder to win her over. I needed more angsty tension, a more believable conflict and resolution.I don't see how you go from an intriguing (almost) one night stand, to hating each other and then to loving each other as quickly as they did. Especially in the way they did. The (almost) one night stand ends when Sienna refuses to submit to Lucas, yet she seems all to willing to do this later. Even though her character didn't seem to change all that much. I don't know, it just didn't work for me. Maybe because I admire strong powerful woman and I thought that was what she was at first. If you like the male dominance thing, you'll love Lucas. He's all about that. It's an entertaining read, really it is. There were entirely too many short cuts for my liking though.