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Release (The Protector, #3) - M.R. Merrick Ah hell, M.R. Merrick has done it again. He has successfully and thoroughly entertained me, quite nearly to tears this time no less!There is something utterly special and unique about this series. Merrick has masterfully created this fantasy world complete with good and evil, love and hate, war and a dab of romance. It's one of those series that comes along not too often, where a wide age range of readers will enjoy it. Much like Harry Potter or Hunger Games. A series I could recommend to my sister as well as her kids. It has an impressive recipe of elements that make up one tasty concoction.The characters are all amazing in their own right. You have Chase, who is at his core a hero but fumbles and stumbles, making him an endearing human. He is surrounded by characters who share his values and those who don't, yet they all work together so well in the stories. It adds a playfulness and a frustrated edge to the tale, that I just can't get enough of. I won't dive into the nuances and details of the story too much, I don't want to spoil anything for those of you who have yet to read the series. Why haven't you though?Chase's life is still in complete chaos, as would be expected. What isn't expected is the new danger of a powerful shifter, a vampire super-power and a mark that comes with some major problems of its own. Chase must find the strength to deal with not only the old issues, but the new, as well as his developing feelings for those close to him. His struggle is heart wrenching at times and I feel for the poor kid who has lost so much and has had no time to relax and enjoy what he's gained in the process.The growth of the characters throughout this series is quite impressive. Not only with Chase but Rayna, Tiki and Willy too. Willy is perhaps an all time favorite character and what he has become in book 2 and 3 is amazing. Let's not forget Vincent...he is so entertaining with his sharp tongue and evil wit. He's not a good guy, but he's so good at being bad that I can't help but adore him a little bit.Anyone looking for an action packed fantasy twinged with humor and humanity should look no further.Starting this book, I was under the impression it was the final chapter of the Protector Series. Boy, is that not the case. The ending of Release will have you reeling and begging for the next installment.