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Ten Tiny Breaths - K.A. Tucker When Kacey loses her entire family, save her younger sister Livie, in a brutal care accident her life spins out of control. She resorts to what, I believe, many young women would; a false sense of love, caring and satisfaction. Always skirting the edges of relationships, never letting anyone get too close. Closeness means you care and can be hurt. Keep a safe distance and stay comfortably numb. She goes through a stage of drugs, alcohol and meaningless sex but when it looks like Livie needs her more than ever, she decides it is time to clean up her act and do the right thing.The right thing is to take Livie and run. They end up in Miami, living in a dank apartment inside a small complex full of interesting characters. Many with questionable pasts themselves. It's the new start Kacey knows they need but the relationships she'll form here are more than she bargained for.Kacey is a tough but broken thing. Broken from the past and the guilt and anger she has over it. She has some pretty major survivor's guilt over the accident that took away so much from her. Yet she's come out on the other side stronger in many other ways. I really enjoyed the way Tucker crafted Kacey, her phobia with hands being especially heartbreaking.Trent easily pops in and out of Kacey's day to day routine but leaves a huge lasting impact every time. There is an instantaneous intrigue with him added in that he's sweet and good looking and what young single woman wouldn't want him living next door?I'm not going to say that the major plot twist was mind-blowingly unexpected. It wasn't. But it is still a great twist and the struggle that arises from it would put me straight into a damn looney bin.Reading the story and struggle of these two characters was endearing as well as maddening and I really enjoyed it. It's not a typical love story with cookie cutter plots and gratuitous sex, in fact there is very little sex and it is all pretty tame. It is instead a story of healing and forgiveness and it is pretty beautiful at its core.