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Crushed - Dawn Rae Miller I was interested in Crushed when I found out it was from a male perspective, there is something about an author taking on the opposite sex as a teenage protagonist that completely intrigues me. Probably because even though I like to think I know how teenage boys think, I don't really believe that I can fully get inside of their pea-brains. Maybe Miller has teenage boys around because I think she probably hit the nail on the head here.A large part of Fletcher's story revolves around sex, drugs, alcohol and did I mention sex? He lives a privileged life with a rich Daddy who takes care of everything. What Daddy expects in return is, well everything. Be the perfect kid, get the perfect grades, get into the perfect college; but have a bad-boy good time doing it. It's okay, Daddy will take care of the trouble you cause.Fletch is content in the life he's been given, until he's not. Until he realizes that the life he thinks he wants is a lie and it is slowly suffocating him. Fletch needs to find himself before he's lost forever.Fletch is such a guy on the surface and such a girl on the inside. I really loved this kid. He's an ass and heart breaker at times but so vulnerable and loveable at other times. He's just a kid trying to find his path in life, find someone who loves him for him and not his money and find someone that challenges him.Ellie does just that. Not intentionally. She isn't looking for a relationship, she isn't even looking for friendship with Fletch. But that's what she gets. She sees him for who he is, not the portrait he hides behind. Getting too close to Fletch could break her heart though and that's not a risk she's willing to take.What I loved about Crushed was how slowly Fletch and Ellie fostered the relationship. I enjoy when authors give teenagers credit for having grown up feelings and making grown up decisions. Now, this is not to say that there aren't a ton (and I do mean a ton) of really immature decisions being made in this book. There are a countless many and this book will not be for everybody. Not everyone will understand the rawness and realness of how these kids live.However, if you can handle underage drinking, drug-doing and casual sex then maybe check this one out. It's perhaps a little over the top and could have used a bit more closure but there is some deep emotion and witty humor mixed in to make this an entertaining coming of age story.