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Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) - Tara Sivec I'll start off by admitting that this cover does nothing for me. Honestly, the first time I saw Seduction and Snacks pop up on another blog I thought they were reviewing some sort of pornographic cookbook, stocked with aphrodisiac recipes containing asparagus, oysters and avocado. Not necessarily all together, because...yuck. Had it not been for some very rave reviews by a few of my favorite bloggers (Book Me! & Talk Supe), I would have passed it by. Yes, yes...I am sometimes shallow enough to judge a book by it's cover.I was hooked after the first chapter in which she rants about never wanting to have children. This resonated with me because I felt that same way when I was young. Big head, small hole...yeah, no thank you. I, like Claire, changed my mind about children when they came kicking and screaming into our lives. Again, I felt a small sort of kinship with Claire.I love books that have a fair amount of funny in them. Seduction and Snacks goes above and beyond in that category, with an in your face, raunchy humor at times while other moments are slightly more subtle and snarky. Sivec does a great job of inducing bursts of out loud giggles, even if at times the situations are quite over the top.My favorite moments always surrounded the four year old. The mouth on that kid...oh hell, too funny.This is going to sound weird but one of the things I found most refreshing about Seduction and Snacks is also one of the things I liked the least. Huh? There is no major conflict. I mean, there is a situation but the way the characters handle it is so calm. Well, crazy calm, not dramatic calm. I am so used to the typical love situations where a couple gets together, falls in love, has some major 'issue', breaks up, gets back together and lives happily ever after; when a book does not follow that I applaud it while at the same time I miss my drama. Make sense? Probably not, but I'm a little insane so whatever.Okay, here is the jist; if you like the following things, pick up this book.-Laugh out loud funny-Copious use of words like vagina (and it's sister words vag & hoo-ha), penis, wiener, boobs-Over the top life and sexual situations-Long and explicit sex scenes-Smart ass toddlersIf those are not things you typically enjoy in a book ~ stay far far away from Sivec's Seduction and Snacks. I, myself, will be back for seconds.