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Strength - Carrie Butler Strength was one of those books that sucked me in on page one. I am an enormous fan of a smart, snarky and fun heroine. If you show her to me right away there is a good chance I will enjoy the book. Right away I knew I was going to love Rena. She is a smart-ass with tons of attitude, she's tough - as in will punch you in the face without question if you mess with her or her friends, yet she has a conscious that weighs on her and will do anything to make things right when she's screwed up or if she sees someone hurting. She's not always the best decision maker and sometimes I questioned her sanity...I just found that made her a little more endearing though. I guess I just like whacky.We meet her as she literally bumps into Wallace. Wallace is known around campus as a crazy recluse who may have murdered his last roommate. Rena learns quickly that rumors lie when Wallace proves to be nothing like anyone expects. Starting with the fact that he is disarmingly hot, not the geeky, greasy haired freak she assumed. But there is something strange about Wallace. Every night at the same time, noise erupts in his room, groans - moans - growls - thumps. Some say it's him and a sex slave (I wish!); Rena has her doubts about that, though every time Wallace touches her she bruises.Vowing to get to know Wallace and discover the mystery behind his odd nightly bouts of violence, Rena makes an effort to befriend him. Opening herself up to a world and feelings she never dreamed existed. And once fully involved in both Wallace's life and his heart, it may be too late to ever come back out. Alive, at least.The relationship between Rena and Wallace was an enjoyable ride. These two are so inexperienced at anything remotely resembling a romantic relationship yet are so drawn to each other. The struggle and fumbles and nervousness was utterly endearing. Rena's internal monologue had me giggling on several occasions and I would have liked to get a peak into Wallace's mind as well. I bet it would have been equally entertaining.Wallace is a super sweetie pie but tortured by his strength. It keeps him at arms length of everyone, no hugs, no kisses, no (ahem) other stuff. Rena's determination to get close to him pushes his limits to the edge and also puts her in danger with his bloodline.Enter Cole, the twin brother. Did I mention Hot Wallace has a twin brother? No? How could I forget such a thing. Cole, or AssCole as Rena dubs him, is equally hot but not nearly the sweetheart Wallace is. Cole is the bad boy, the jackass, the screw up...so of course I loved him.As danger threatens Wallace and Cole's family, these three form an unprecedented and unlikely team; willing to sacrifice so much to survive. I expect great things from these three as the series progresses.I had a great time reading Strength and flew right through it. My only qualm would be the background story of the Blake family bloodline. It is all to unknown and I felt myself wanting more details, hoping that comes with book two which I am very ready for!