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Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare I realize that many have not had the chance to read Clockwork Princess, or The Infernal Devices series for that matter. So, I will be mindful of that in this review, forgive me if it seems vague because of that.Rarely do I enter into the end of a series with complete confidence in the author to "get it right". Often, I enter in with trepidation and fear that disappointment is all I will leave with. I had faith that Clare would consider the emotional investment her faithful readers have in her books and would treat it with care and tenderness. She delivered wholeheartedly.Clockwork Princess finds Tessa in a constant state of elevated emotions. In one moment she is happily in love and engaged, the next moment nervously guarded and the next terrified of the horrific future the evil Mortmain has planned for her. All of these emotions blend and come to a head in CP.Clockwork Princess is much more than the story of Tessa, Jem and Will's Shadowhunting days though. Many more characters take pivotal roles and so much more information is gleaned on the background of those we've come to love in Clare's other Shadowhunter Serires, The Mortal Insturments.It was a slow start because of it. The story really picks up about thirty percent into it. I did not truly understand why all these newer characters and information were being fleshed out but it expertly comes together in the end.As always, Clare incorporates so many elements in her writing. It is poetic, profound and loving yet also has some epic action and a constant thread of humor and sadness. My emotions were all over the place.I read another review (Rally The Readers), where a reviewer touched on the importance that love plays in this story. Obviously there is a love triangle but it is unlike any other you've read. These three all truly love each other. It isn't lust and it isn't puppy love. It is true and unconditional and transcends all else. Which brings me to...The End.For those who know the series, you're well aware that there is much to be dealt with. For those of you who know both series, you're well aware there are many mysterious links between the two. So many of the questions are answered but with just enough left open that will hopefully bridge us to the next Shadowhunter series, coming in 2015.For those of you who know the series, you will not be, cannot be disappointed with this ending. This was the most beautifully crafted series ending I have ever read.