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Duplicity (Spellbound #2) - Nikki Jefford Full Review Posted on GingerRead ReviewsEntangled introduced us to a world of witches and warlocks living amongst non-magical humans. Some of these Magi were good and some...eh, not so much. Graylee was the former while her twin sister Charlene was very much the latter. Charlene basically murdered her sister while sending another girl into a coma...all for the love of a boy. Graylee's soul, thanks to some pretty dark and dangerous magic, was able to survive and found it's way into Charlene's body. Which they shared for a time, until Graylee was able to find a body of her own with the help of her boyfriend Raj and a mysterious yet handsome and powerful warlock, Adrian.Phew, all caught up now?Fast forward several months and we find Gray in her new body, living a new life as Lee. Charlene has been banished to France (ooh, the punishment!!) and life is moving on for all involved. That is until the anniversary of Gray's death pops up and she wakes up in France. In Charlene's body. Again. But Lee is still alive and kicking too. Now there are two Graylee's, no Charlene's and one big bad scary Grim Reaper hell bent on restoring the balance. Oh yeah, there is also only one Raj...who both Lee and Gray love and he's having trouble remembering that they aren't quite the same person. Awkward!We get a much bigger dose of Adrian in Duplicity and for that, I thank you Nikki Jefford. Adrian isn't the goodliest of people, to say the least but there is something so lonely about him that I just totally fell for him. We hardly know anything about him and I so want to know more, more, more!I really loved Raj in Entangled but he lost some appeal in Duplicity. He's still a great guy, but the bad-ass side of him never showed and he was less exciting. Plus, his confusion and loyalties were all over the place. Which made it very easy for my attention to stay tuned to the relationship forming between Gray and Adrian. The concept that Jefford has developed with this series is so fantastical and entertaining, it's what peaked my interest to begin with and I love what she is doing with it. The struggle for Lee and Gray in Duplicity was fun to read. There is a jealousy but also extreme protectiveness, as they really are the same person. Everyone in their lives is confused by it and both girls end up with bruised feelings on several occasions because of it. How do you chose which Gray stays and which has to go? The choice may be made for them if they can't get their crap together and quit fighting each other.All in all, Duplicity was another fun ride and I can't wait to dig into Enchantment for more!