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Girl Meets Underworld (Girl Meets Underworld, #1) - Jess Watkins Full review posted at GingerRead Reviews2.5 StarsReading the synopsis of Girl Meets Underworld, I thought that it sounded right up my alley. I always enjoy a good vampire book and honestly, I didn't really expect there to be werewolves too. So, that was just a happy added bonus.Watkins waists no time throwing readers into the story of Stella. Girl Meet Underworld starts off with Stella standing on a roofs edge, ready to jump to her death. She's stopped by a mysterious stranger with some unnatural abilities, who takes a serious interest in her well being. This meeting will open Stella up to a world she never believed existed, a past she'd rather not know exists and a love triangle she can't seem to wade out of.Stella starts off as a solid main character. She's vulnerable, fragile but has a desire to be strong and independent and free of the depression that has haunted her since the death of her mother and brother. I rather liked her at first. Unfortunately, she looses some of her appeal as the story progresses. She is entirely too forgiving of certain behaviors displayed by Will and her father. Then the love triangle pops into play and she believes she is in love with both Conner and Will.Now, I don't necessarily have a problem with a good love triangle. They can be exciting and sometimes even realistic when a girl has feeling for two boys but isn't truly in love with either yet. But, this one played too much to her being 'in love' with both, each of whom she really hardly knows. It just didn't fit for me, especially where Will is involved. I'll get to that in a second.First, a little about Conner. Conner is a vampire. An old, powerful, handsome and just plain kind of sweet vampire. He's got a dangerous edge, being a vamp and all...but overall he's a caring guy who just does not want to see a young pretty girl be so sad that she'd rather die. He's a sweetheart and I liked him from page one.Will. Oh Will. Honestly, the guy is not all bad but when he screws up it's in pretty major ways. I really had a hard time liking him which made it even harder for me to feel Stella's affection for him. He's rough and brutish and though he's good at apologizing, it doesn't excuse the actions.Girl Meets Underworld is a classic supernatural tale with a few interesting nuances and twists. I liked that the vamps were classic and mostly devilishly mean and I liked that the wolves weren't just cute puppy dogs. Yet, it was still all too predictable and lacked some much needed finesse. I'm not so underwhelmed that I would throw the entire series out the window without a second thought, I am mildly invested in where the story goes. But I will have my fingers loosely crossed for a few surprises as the franchise continues.