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Amy and Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson This is going to be quite a short review, I fear. I am having difficulty coming up with words for my opinion on Amy & Roger's Epic Detour.Amy Curry was in a car accident several months before the start of this story. An accident in which her father died. With her brother, Charlie, shipped off to rehab and her mother across the country setting up a new house...Amy is alone. She is waiting out the end of the school year then will be transported from California to Connecticut. Transported by a virtual stranger. Roger.Roger is on his own journey of sorts. Recently the victim of a breakup, he hopes to track down in ex-girlfriend in the hopes of winning her back. Driving Amy cross country is a means to an end.What they each find on this trip was and unexpected bond, unexpected feeling and an eventual healing. The healing of Roger's broken heart and Amy's broken soul.Amy & Roger's Epic Detour should have been a great story. It could have been filled with great moments, fun filled adventures and heart breaking confessions. Unfortunately, it was filled more with boredom than anything else. The pacing was entirely too slow for me and the playlists at the beginning of most of the chapters had me rolling my eyes. No college kid would have all those songs on his ipod. I'm being nittpicky, I know. Sue me.There were a few smiles to be had and a couple of sweet moments but they were far too few. The narrator, Suzy Jackson, did a fine job though...so, there is that.