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Half Black Soul (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #2) - H.D. Gordon I have a list of kick ass book girls. It includes the likes of Katniss Everdeen, Tris Prior, Merit, Ellie Watts and Perry Palomino. It has a new member and she may kick all the other chicks butts. Welcome to the club Alexa Montgomery.In Blood Warrior, the first book of The Alexa Montgomery Saga, we were introduced to a new breed of vampires. As was Alexa, never knowing she was among its most elite society...the last of her kind. Prophecies call her the savior of her people, or so it is believed.Now, in Half Black Soul, we catch up with Alexa as she attempts to rescue her mother from wrongful imprisonment with the help of her ever faithful soul mate Kayden. This journey finds Alex questioning her sanity, her conscience and her relationships with Kayden as well as Jackson, her boyfriend. The warrior buried deep inside all these years has woken and she wants vengeance, in all its forms.I really enjoyed Alexa's struggles in Half Black Soul. She really is coming in to her power, which is breathtakingly bad ass, but it comes with a price that weighs heavily on her mind. Taking the life of her peoples enemy, the Lamia, is one thing. Taking the lives of humans, even in her fight for what is right, is something else entirely. Add to that the ever enigmatic and totally sexy Kayden who grounds her, believes in her and supports her at every step, without question. He makes it harder and harder to be team Jackson.Half Black Soul is told in alternating point of view. Some chapters were Alexa, one was Kayden (loved) and the rest are told by Alexa's sister Nelly. Nelly has been left behind and is on her own mission to discover what exactly Alexa has gotten herself involved in. Nelly's chapters pretty much bored me until the last couple of them. Then, everything came together in heart pounding action, intrigue and suspense which had me glued. The final ten percent of the book was just pure awesomeness.Needless to say, Gordon has delivered me a second dose of vampy goodness and I am eagerly anticipating starting the third book. This series is a great addition to any lover of vampire stories.