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The Black Isle - Sandi Tan While The Black Isle is absolutely beautifully written, some of the content is just not for me. The story is intriguing, it's a dark and dramatic tale of a woman haunted by the dead. The pacing is great, it moves gracefully. The characters are all interesting and well written.My problem is the sexual situations. I am not a prude, by any means, and have read some rather racy books in the past. However, some of the situations in this book were just so not appealing in any way to me and they were really hard to read through. There are few things that will make me set a book down and one was in this book. I'm greatly saddened by it, again because the writing and story outside of these strange sexual things is so beautiful. I would say if you can handle some incest and beastiality then this would be a great read. It just wasn't for me, unfortunately. Huge thanks to Grand Central Publishing for allowing me the opportunity to read this!