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Believe - E.L. Manning I hate to say it, I really really do...but...I could not finish this book. In all my readings I have only ever not finished two books. I will always make every effort to finish a book once started. Especially if it was given to me for review, as this one was. It's horrible that I don't finish a review copy, right? I know it is and I am berating myself as I type.Because I did not complete this book, I won't give it a rating ~ that would not be fair. I will just let you know why I did not finish reading it. I have the utmost respect for self published authors. I am a big supporter of them. In fact, one of my favorite authors got her start as self published and I read them all before she was signed with a publishing house. I state this so you know that I don't give up on a book just because of poor editing.Believe could greatly benefit from a thorough editing. There were many spelling and grammatical errors. Which, again, I am able to look past. Mostly. There were a bit too many to look past here, unfortunately. Also, the run-on sentences happened often and I caught myself going over them two or three times just to be sure of the intent. The writing style and I did not mesh, it felt rushed and frenetic. Andrea, the protagonist, was an upbeat and cheerful sort. If not for her expression of every trivial movement and thought - I probably would have liked her. But I don't need to know all the details, just the ones that work for the story being told. The idea of the story is a good one. Vampires are a huge favorite of mine. I really wanted to love this book. It just needs work and polishing. My sincerest apologies to Grimm-Weaver, I appreciate the opportunity to review her work. This one just was not for me.