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The Wonder Bread Summer: A Novel - Jessica Anya Blau When the opportunity to review The Wonder Bread Summer arose, I was fairly excited about it. The cover is simple but cute and the blurb makes this sound like a raucous good time.The Wonder Bread Summer immediately throws you into Allie's world and she is in the midst of an extremely uncomfortable situation. At page one I really thought I was going to like this book. I had the feeling that it would keep me on the edge of excited to see what was going to happen and terrified of what this young girl is getting into.Turned out to be a confusing adventure. From the synopsis, I think this was supposed to be a humorous take on a crazy situation. I didn't get the humor and the reaction Allie has to everything was incredibly unbelievable.This next paragraph will include some spoilers ~ quit reading now if you don't want to know them.Start of SpoilersThe plot includes a loser ex-boyfriend, a boss who likes to masturbate in front of his employees, drug dealing, drug stealing, ridiculously absent and uncaring parents - one of whom would rather keep the stolen cocaine than help her daughter escape a hit man. Oh and lets not forget the wheelchair bound man who doesn't talk but hours after meeting she is ready to go home with but not before she nearly kills him with too much coke. Oh and waking up in a strangers house but never questioning anything, especially not your own safety. Oh, oh...there is also some random sex with Billy Idol. End of SpoilersThat all sounds like it should make for a fun read, right? It did not work for me. I spent more time rolling my eyes at all the stupid things Allie was doing than I did enjoying the book. I made it more than half way through before I finally gave up.As I do with all my DNF books, I will be giving away a copy in the hopes that it finds a happy home with another reader who will enjoy it. So look for that in the future.