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Faking It - Cora Carmack I enjoyed Losing It but not nearly as much as Faking It. While Bliss was a bit of an immature and erratic protagonist, Max is neither. Max and Cade's story was the one I had wished for in Losing It.While the situation that brings Cade and Max into each others lives is less than ideal, or believable, the relationship they form is both those things. Max is feisty but so reserved with her true feelings. Cade is sensitive and caring but has lost his fight. The tug of war these two plays with each others hearts, and their own, sucked me under quite thoroughly. It brought forth memories of new relationships were you don't trust your feelings and constantly question the feelings of the other person.I understood the struggles each had, I sympathized, I cared. I cared about what it was that caused Max to build up walls and defend herself with a sharp tongue and quit whit. I wanted to understand why Cade so easily let people walk away from him. I needed to know.And the chemistry...ooh boy! These two have it in boat loads. It's slam me against the wall, fireworks behind my eyelids and full on swarms of butterflies in my belly type of chemistry.What I loved most about Faking It, other than the delivery of two wonderfully developed characters, was the balance of emotions Cormack serves up. There were moments I laughed, moments I thought I might tear up (which says a lot, trust me) and moments that my heart swelled and jumped around in my chest.Faking It is not overly humorous, overly emotional or overly erotic. But it is funny, sweet, sad and sexy. It is a perfectly packaged story that would make a great summer read.