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Love Rehab: A Novel in Twelve Steps - Jo Piazza 3.5 StarsLove Rehab was a book I just happened upon and thought it sounded like a fun, light read. I was expecting it to elicit sweet smiles, I wasn't expecting it to produce giggles galore. But, it did.Now, I am not a single lady and haven't been for a very long time. I can, however, remember all too well the things single woman do. Like within the first few minutes of meeting a guy you're already imaging how his last name sounds on your first name, picturing him in his wedding tuxedo, naming your unborn children. Maybe that is a stretch for some of you women but I'm willing to bet many of you have been somewhere in the vicinity of this sort of train wreck. This book is for you.Sophie gets dumped for her boyfriends blonde, big boobed assistant, Lacey aka Floozy. As Sophie had her entire life planned out with Eric, this is soul crushing news. On top of being dumped, her grandmother just died leaving her a monstrosity of a house to deal with and her best friend (local drunk) has landed herself in a court ordered twelve step program. Being supportive, Sophie tags along to the AA meeting and realizes she has all the same problems if only you substitute love for booze.In an attempt to get a handle on her obsessive behavior where her ex is involved, she starts LAA. Love Addiction Anonymous. Their methods are hilarious; watching romantic movies and pinching each other when one starts to get emotional, writing down rules to love life and bringing in the towns most notorious man whore to let them know what guys really thing.LAA is there to teach you what not to do and what not to believe in. Such as - the nerdy guy should not always get the girl, your best friend is not your soul mate, the cool attractive and popular guy isn't actually very sensitive and in love with you, love is not one hilarious misunderstanding away. RomCom's lie ladies. There are few Prince Charmings in the world and they don't show up at the hooker's balcony with flowers and undying love. Love Rehab will help cement this into your brain!Through this she meets woman with similar problems and they become a support system for each other and are able to reflect on themselves through others and eventually come to the realization that what they see and project throughout relationships isn't real and that they are better, stronger women then they have ever let themselves be.You won't always love the choices made by Sophie and others in Love Rehab. At times you may even cringe at the stupid insanity of the choices, there are some extremely low blows made and some unsettling stalker like behaviors. I think the point was to be over the top to get the point across and let's face it, most of us probably have known someone in our lives who is a crazy bitch capable of publishing her exes penis on the internet out of spite. Yeah, that happens.The story has a few slow bits but they pass pretty quickly, the one thing that I did take issue with was the romance. So much of it was right on and I loved the meandering path it took, but the actual confession just fell a little off, it was too much of a declaration and after the 12 steps to love sobriety...I just wasn't sure it quite fit.Love Rehab is a cathartic journey told with such a great sense of humor and by a great cast of characters. Every single one is unique, quirky and pretty adorable. It is a book every single woman struggling in the dating world should read. Period. It will open your eyes to so many things woman just naturally gravitate to and hopefully stop a few drunken texts, word vomit confessions and self-loathing morning afters.