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A Bad Boy is Good to Find - Jennifer Lewis To say A Bad Boy is Good to Find has an unconventional start would be an understatement. Not many books start with the utter demise of love. Yet, that is exactly where we find ourselves with this book.I really wasn't sure I liked Lizzie much, at first. She initially comes across as a spoiled upper-crust socialite fighting with her parents who don't want her to marry the man of her dreams. Very quickly, she changed my mind. Her plan for the future she never anticipated was realistic and based solely on love. Too bad what she thought she knew about Conroy was all a lie. "Her heart both sank and rose at the same time. Funny how it could still do that when it was broken." I can't say that I was always on Lizzie's side but I always wanted to be. That says something right? Con, on the other hand...I wanted to hate him. He makes it pretty impossible, especially a little over half way through the story when his past and his desires start coming to light.Here's the rub. Con really isn't a bad boy. Not in my definition anyway. Yes, he somewhat conned his way into Lizzie's life, he's a liar and maybe a little of a cheat. But his intentions are way too sweet and pure to consider him a bad boy. That doesn't mean I didn't really (really) enjoy him and the way he treats Lizzie throughout most of the book is super swoon worthy. "I've been a fool, but I'm not one any more." There was something about A Bad Boy is Good to Find that felt strange though. I think it was the way the characters spoke. It was at times, casual and current and at other times all too stuffy. It made it difficult for me to find the characters relatable from the start. BUT, once I did get a handle on it...I felt it. I felt Lizzie's heart break, I felt Con struggle with where his life came from and where it was heading. I felt the need of Lewis' characters. And really, that is never a bad thing.So, while the title is slightly misleading, the characters have an odd staunchy way of speaking at times and perhaps the book feels a tad bit long...it was still an enjoyable read with some very heartwarming moments.