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Never Let You Fall (The Prophecy of Tyalbrook, Book 1) - Michele G.  Miller It is not often that you find a book by a debut author that hits on all the major points you love in a book. For me, those points are; character development, excitement, angst and a little humor and romance thrown in for good measure. Miller delivered on all of these items.Never Let You Fall is a star crossed lover / princess who doesn't know she's royalty story. It may not be the most original of concepts but the execution is pretty fabulous in itself.Miller did a wonderful job of fleshing out characters, not only Skye and Xander but the bit players as well. They all have a small amount of mystery around them but they aren't totally elusive. Skye is a great heroine with equal amounts of hootspa and fragility. Xander is a true hero type and I loved him from start to finish. He is nothing like the typical bookish bad boy. He is kind, caring and utterly protective.The first half of Never Let You Fall is in the world we know and it follows Skye as she learns who she is and the importance of that. The second half of the book is entirely different. It happens in the world Skye was supposed to inhabit from birth. It has an almost Medieval aspect to it and it was a wonderful change of direction for the story.Never Let You Fall is a tragically beautiful story with a mixture of paranormal romance and fantasy that hooks you from page one and doesn't ever let go. The pacing is fantastic, I read it in a day, I just couldn't put it down. It was thrilling, it was sweet and it left me wanting more.