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The Prophecy (Divinity Stone #1) - Desiree DeOrto Admittedly, I've been shying away from YA Paranormal Romance type books as of late. I was starting to feel that too many were fitting into a cookie cutter plot and was disheartened by that. DeOrto introduces something slightly different with The Prophecy and I found it refreshing.Star's parents are relocating to a small country town, away from the hustle and bustle of L.A. Away from a horrible situation that almost caused a girl her life. Away from a horrible situation they believe Star was at the center of. Truth is, she was, albeit unwittingly.Star is an emotional mess. She's all over the place...hot/cold, love/hate, happy/sad. Her unstable attitude made it easy to dislike her at times yet just as easy to love her at others. She doesn't understand the things happening to her or around her. Her parents want her to take control of her insanity but she really has no control over her major mood swings, which she calls a 'darkness'. Her lack of familial support made me really feel for her.Star's emotional trauma completely sucked my in. While Star and her parents were not always the easiest to care for, the side characters DeOrto creates are all very appealing in their own right. I swear there must be some serious magical spell cast on all of Shiloh because everyone there is HOT. Tall, built and beautiful boys abound! The snarky banter between all the characters was what I think I loved most about The Prophecy. It reminds me of my own life so it was a comfortable place to be.The story itself really feels like it is just beginning as the book ends. The Prophecy is a character and world build starter for the series. At times, it suffered slightly for it. I kept waiting for something huge to happen. A couple of very big and very kind of epic things happen but there is not a big bad boss at the end that needs to be taken out. There is a big bad boss but the battle will come in a future title. So, if you're looking for a little closure at the end, don't expect it. Expect the excitement of more to come. I know I am.